• Activity Center in Kong Mei Village

    It is an project transforming the existing concrete frame structure into a new courtyard building under a timber roof.


    Jieyang, China
  • Lithuanian National Science and Innovation Center

    Not just science center, but also science loop. Science Loop is a complex but consistent project, which integrates social loop, skyline loop, circulation loop, devolution loop, recycling loop as a whole network.


    Kaunas, Lithuania
  • The Wall, The Hall

    Considering its urban condition and development, we combine three spatial characteristics of “street, courtyard and building” into a Multipli-City of consistent mix, as a trace of its own micro history.


    Beijing, China
  • Shanghai Museum East Gallery

    The museum aims at re-casting an interactive experience and realistic scenarios, resonating with the Chinese ancient art, and transcending space and time into a real-time recollection.


    Shanghai, China
  • Point House

    The "Point House" here means the integration of the centrosymmetric form, structural system, time, sunlight spot, sitting locomotion, and fishing action.


  • Awareness of Lightness

    It is to exclude the weariness of heaviness, opaqueness, and thickness.


    Barcelona, Spain
  • Lakefront Kiosk

    The structure will change between close and open according to various conditions.


    Chicago, U.S.A
  • Collective Bubbles

    Because of its lightness and flexibility, the shelters can be constructed, transported and transformed easily, which give the refugees freedom to settle down or move away according to different contingency.


  • Extension of Alvar Aalto Museum

    On entering the new extension, you are also to enter a new world, which is connected with the in-betweens and built up in a most natural way—the concrete shear walls arraying in arch form, the fiber concrete roof hanging on parabolic curved cables, the translucent glass curtain performing a panoramic view of two-side landscape, the flowing water connecting interior and exterior interface through windows, the archipelago-like floors seeming to float on water, and after all, the sunshine lighting up all these natural artifacts.


    Helsinki, Finland
  • Grandmother’s Memorial House

    It is a small house in memory of Donghua Chen’s grandmother, challenging the current situation and definition of memory and representation.


    Foshan, China
  • Re-imagine Cantonese Opera Museum: Real-time Recollection

    Typically, a museum is a storehouse of memory to remind a priori consciousness or knowledge about the past and traditions. Culture has been pre-defined and pre-decided rather than being responsive and detectable to observers.


    Guangzhou, China
  • Café Extension of the Power House

    The proposal creates a new cable-core structure system: one open-up and inside-out “soft boundary”, connecting in between people, trees, building, and of course, the time. It challenges the stiff interface of the old power house that that separated from the local space.


    Guangzhou, China
  • Bridge Village

    Compared with the distinguishing but beautiful hierarchy surrounded by, our proposal, which redefines the building and bridge, architecture and infrastructure, is dissolved as interactive components along the direction of the river flow and walking path, and meanwhile merged with each other to be structurally integrated, existing in each pore of the whole.


    Chongqing, China
Donghua Chen Studio is an award-winning architecture practice and exhibition curator, based in Guangdong, China. Our works aim at re-examining and re-inventing the world in between reality and imagination, which introduces the beauty and order from nature, while maintains the thinking of humanity and poetics in the critical form of architectural body. We have been working on different complex and advanced architecture projects with global engineers and experts such as Adams Kara Taylor (AKT II), Cecil Balmond (Balmond Studio), ARUP, Atelier Ten, Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB), etc.

Our projects and researches have won numbers of international prizes, including the First Prize of Cityvision International Competition in 2013, Winner of Austro Control Headquater Tower International Competition in 2014, Burnham Prize Winner from Chicago Architectural Club in 2015, and Winners of Lithuania Science Island Design International Contest in 2016, which are published on global institutions such as Chicago Architecture Foundation, Shenzhen/Hong Kong Urbanism/Architecture Biennale, Shanghai Power Station of Art, Mies van de Rohe Foundation, Studio X Rio, Future Arquitecturas, Cityvision, UED, etc. and exhibited in Rome, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Shenzhen, Kaunas, etc.